Tozato Roll Alignment Checker

The Tozato Roll Alignment Checker is a lightweight, intuitive ,accurate, and easy-handle device, developed to take quick and reliable readings between the mold, foot rolls, and segment zero. Its high performance inclinometer based technology is capable of taking readings with 0.0004 in of accuracy, collecting data in seconds, and display them on an easy to use interpretative touch-screen interface.


Tozato Roll Alignment Checker

System to measure the alignment between foot rolls and the segment zero, in continuous casting machines.


Through the use of this system, it’s possible to:

One person operated. No crane needed

Accurate and instant data gathering.

Battery operated that lasts for up to 12 hours continuously

FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

How is the readings taken with the Alignment Checker?

The readings are taken with inclinometer contact sensors and the results are exhibited on the touch-screen display.

What is the system weight? Is it easy to carry?

The system is lightweight, compact and can be operated by one user, without need of crane.

How long does it take to measure the alignment?

The data is collected easily and instantly.


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