The mould oscillation monitoring service performed on continuous casting machines (CCM) oscillators consists on collecting data at cold (CCM unloaded) and hot (CCM loaded) conditions, and afterwards interpreting and analyzing the data collected.

Throughout this consultancy, it is possible to verify the oscillator’s conditions by checking the following casting parameters:

  • Vibration;
  • Trajectory;
  • Metallurgical;

Data Gathering

Maintenance Benefits:

  • Oscillator parts predictive wear control.
  • Check and correct displacement errors.
  • Enhance oscillators’ service life.
  • Improve mould tube lifetime.

Operational Benefits:

  • Oscillators’ performance real time monitoring .
  • Mechanical fall prevention.
  • Decrease surface defects.
  • Improve cast speed.

Quality Benefits:

  • Increased product surface quality ratio;
  • Metallurgical parameters 24/7 control;
  • Oscillators’ production capacity optimization.
Time and Resources Optimization

What are the benefits?

After collecting the information, it is possible to monitor the oscillation table performance and make a vibrational analysis of the oscillator mechanical parts. These are some of the advantages that ensure the service excellent cost/benefit, which besides preventing non-scheduled outages; also increase copper mould and oscillator service life, and improve product surface quality. All these advantages are obtained through an extremely accessible investment.

The mould oscillation monitoring service aims the following purposes:

    • Evaluate the oscillator mechanical imperfections;
    • Evaluate the topographic leveling and alignment of the oscillation table;
    • Evaluate the mould operational variables;
    • Increase mould and oscillators service life;
    • Evaluate the characteristics that influence on the product surface quality;
    • Reduce CCM downtime;
    • Time and resources optimization;


The company receives a final report of the data collected with a full and detailed description of the problems found and also a plan of action to have the issues sorted out. Thus, the maintenance staff will be able to work based on the report provided with real and specific information of the CCM and it guarantees efficiency and reduced outage period.

And what about the return of investment?

The CCM mould oscillation monitoring brings a ROI close to two million dollars a year. These numbers were proved and based on client’s feedback that employed this practice.

Four cases were analyzed in order to get to this conclusion: company A achieved savings of 420 thousand dollars/year by reducing breakouts incidence; company B had savings of 700 thousand dollars/year by reducing maintenance expenses; customer C lay-by 1.4 million dollars/year by decreasing product downgrading ratio; and company D earned 1.75 million dollars/year just by increasing the cast speed.

30 years of expertise and know how

Tozato Measurements® uses the Oscillation Monitor technology to perform consultancy services, an extensive technology with solid worldwide presence. It was performed more than 640 consultancy services in 35 countries, with a remarkable performance in more than 175 steel plants all over the world.

These numbers reflect on how the Oscillation Monitor is widely accepted and has already proved its efficiency and reliability by the major steel plants in the world, such as:

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