Tozato Oscillation Monitor with Sensor Bar

Tozato Oscillation Monitor is a cutting edge technology system used to monitor the real time performance of continuous casting machines’ oscillators.  In summary, the system verifies the trajectory, vibration and metallurgic parameters through simultaneous high speed and accurate three-axial measuring sensors. In addition, the parameters are measured in real time to determine if the caster operation is normal. Therefore, the system may advantageously be used to predict breakouts in a continuous caster and allows an operator to take corrective action to avoid such accidents. As a result, it enables to grab information and lead the predictive maintenance outages.

The system effectively reduces the machines’ downtime, bleeding and breakouts incidence and consequently, decreases the product’s surface defects, which reduces the downgrading ratio, besides increasing the copper molds service life. Additionally, the hardware is composed of tri-axial and compact accelerometer sensors bolt based, properly protected from the harsh external environment. It also contain shielded cables, acquisition modules for data collection and signals treatment, and a main control unit with computer and software.


Tozato Oscillation Monitor

Permanent and real time oscillation monitor capable of measure and calculate up to 99 parameters.


Through the use of this system, it’s possible to:

Monitor the steel continuous casting process

Decrease the machine’s predictive maintenance downtime

Evaluate the oscillator mechanical conditions

FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

Is the system capable of measuring at cold and hot conditions?

Yes! The Tozato Oscillation Monitor technology ensures a permanent mold oscillation monitoring, which enables cold and hot measurements.

How many parameters is the system capable to monitor?

The Tozato Oscillation Monitor is capable of measuring up to 99 parameters from vibration, trajectory and metallurgical spectrums.

Do the sensors can burn if I let them nested all the time on the CCM?

Thanks to the Tozato Measurements wide experience and know-how in sensors cooling, even in the casting area, the sensors temperature are kept around 40°C, which ensures its long service life.


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